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The Minnesota Agility Club has a Board of Directors comprised of 7 volunteers elected from and by the club membership. If you have any questions you would like to direct to members of the Board, please feel free to contact them:

The 2017 Board is:

If you would like to submit comments or ideas to the Board for consideration at the next regularly scheduled meeting, please do!

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  • What’s New?

    The July 7-9, 2017 NADAC trial premium is available. Join us indoors at Soccerblast. Susan Perry is judging. Entries close on June 30. Download the premium

    The July 14-16, 2017 AKC trial premium is available. Join us indoors at Soccerblast. No draw was needed and runs are still available all 3 days. Final closing is June 28. Download the premium.

    The premium for the CPE trial on July 28-30 at OTR is available. Random draw mail-in period is June 19-July 3. Entries received prior to June 19 will be shredded by Secretary Sue’s Border Collie Shredding Service. Download the premium.

    The September 8-10 USDAA trial is moving indoors. New location is Fusion Pet Retreat in Minnetonka. Footing is Comfort King matting. Tim Verrelli will be judging.

    The February 2-4 USDAA trial has open committee positions for trial chair, attache and equipment. Contact Kirsten Storlie if you are interested in volunteering.

    Membership renewals are due by Oct 31 for the fiscal year starting on Nov 1. Download the form and return it and your check to Robin.

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    Membership renewals are due on November 1. Renewals received after November 30 will require reapplying for membership.

    New member applications received after September 1 will count towards the next fiscal year.

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