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The Minnesota Agility Club has a Board of Directors comprised volunteers elected from and by the club membership. If you have any questions you would like to direct to members of the Board, please feel free to contact them:

The Fiscal 2022 (Nov 1, 2022-Oct 31, 2023)  Board



Skye Priesz


Laura Thomas


Julie Heller


Beth Hostetter


Kelly McFaul-Solem

If you would like to submit comments or ideas to the Board for consideration at the next regularly scheduled meeting, please do!

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  • What’s New?

    Entries have closed for the June 3-4, 2023 USDAA Trial outdoors at Animal Inn with Karen Gloor judging. Sign up to volunteer.

    The June 10-11, 2023 UKI Trial is outdoors at Animal Inn with Roger Ly judging. Download the premium. Entries close on May 31. Sign up to volunteer! Contact Julie Heller if you are interested in being a vendor at this trial.

    Join us for a MAC Mini Seminar, Go the Distance!, on June 18 (9AM-1PM). Chris Mosley is presenting on working with distance in agility at Tails We Win in Burnsville. MAC Members have priority working spot registration until June 7. Register now! Join the MAC Seminars Facebook group for registration and other details.
    The July 7-9 2023 NADAC Trial premium is available. The trial is indoors at Rush World in Rochester and Scott Casino is judging.. Entries close on July 1. We are looking for a judge’s attache. Contact Chris Mosley if you are interested in joining the committee or being a vendor at this trial.
    The July 14-16 AKC Trial premium is available. Entries open on May 19 and close on June 30. The trial is at On the Run with Geoff Nieder judging. 2 ISC classes designed by Daniel Walz will be offered on Friday and Saturday. Contact Beth Hostetter if you are interested in being a vendor at this trial.

    MAC is hosting the First UKI Midwest Festival on September 15-17, 2023 at On the Run with Merritt Speagle judging. Festival tournament classes (Biathlon, Masters Series, and Team) are open to dogs of all levels and we will also be offering a Speedstakes Challenge and regular titling classes. Entries open the week of June 12. Join the UKI Midwest Festival Facebook group for more information. Contact Julie Heller if you are interested in helping sponsor this event.

    The July 28-30 CPE Trial is at On the Run with Mike Conroy judging. Contact Kirsten Storlie if you are interested in being a vendor at this trial.

    The September 9-10 USDAA Trial is at Animal Inn with Meredith Keraga judging. Contact Jacque Hoye if you are interested in being the judge’s attache or a vendor at this trial.

    The Dec 8-10 CPE Trial at OTR needs a trial chair and awards/supplies chair. Contact Laura Thomas if you are interested in joining the committee.

    Membership renewals are due by November 1 for the next fiscal year that runs from Nov 1, 2022 – Oct 31, 2023. New this year – pay via Paypal. If you have no change in info, you can skip the membership form and send Kelly a check or pay your dues via PayPal.

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    Membership renewals are due on November 1. Renewals received after November 30 will require reapplying for membership.

    New member applications received after September 1 will count towards the next fiscal year.

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