Welcome to the Minnesota Agility Club

MAC is a nonprofit organization established in 1989 to promote dog agility as a sport in the greater Minnesota area.
Our primary goals are to:

  • Promote the sport of dog agility in Minnesota
  • Provide an organization for dog owners, where they might learn more about our sport
  • Hold competitions where members and non-members can test their skills

We currently hold 8 trials per year: 2 USDAA, 2 CPE, 2 UKI, 1 AKC, and 1 NADAC.

Additionally, MAC members support and participate in other events held by the many fine clubs and organizations in our area. MAC also supports junior handlers with the Ruth VanKeuren Memorial Fund for Junior Handlers.

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MAC would like to thank the professional photographers who have given permission for their work to be displayed here. These include: Great Dane Photos, Jessie’s Photography, Crystal Image Pet Photography, Tien Tran Photography, Alan Schefsky, Herreid Photography, and Joan Morgan Photography

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  • What’s New?

    Our UKI trial is on May 22-23 and outdoors at Animal Inn in Lake Elmo. Lori Michaels is judging. We will be offering Masters Heat on Saturday and double Speedstakes on Sunday. The new UKI jump heights for small dogs will be in effect at this trial. Entries close on May 17. Download the premium.

    The June 5-6 USDAA trial is outdoors at Animal Inn. Karen Gloor will be judging. We will be offering Grand Prix, Steeplechase, and double Standard, Gamblers & Pairs for all levels. Volunteers can take a $2/run discount. Look for the Google doc sign-up sheet closer to the trial. Entries close on May 26. Download the test schedule and the entry form.

    The NADAC trial is on for July 9-11 at Soccer World in Rochester! Note the new date (1 week later) and new location.

    The July 16-18 AKC trial has moved outdoors to Animal Inn. Windle Ewing is judging. We are looking for someone to join the committee as equipment chair. This involves getting the ribbons and some other supplies from the storage locker in Hopkins to the trial and back, counting the ribbons at the end of the trial, and helping out with set-up/tear-down. Contact Laura Thomas if you are interested in volunteering.

    The July 30-Aug 1 CPE trial is at On the Run with Mike Brownell judging. We are looking for a  a judge’s attache, and an equipment chair. Contact Brandi Rogers if you are interested in helping put this trial on.

    The Sept 25-26 USDAA trial is outdoors at Animal Inn with Val Reiner judging. Note the new date just for 2021 to avoid a conflict with the UKI Midwest Cup. We are looking for a volunteer coordinator, hospitality, and equipment chairs. Contact Jacque Hoye if you are interested in helping put this trial on.

    The Dec 10-12 CPE trial is at On the Run with Brenda Gilday judging. All trial committee positions are available. Contact Brandi Rogers if you are interested in helping put this trial on.

    Memberships were extended through Oct 31, 2021 for all current members.  If you would like to help support MAC by paying for dues, please send your check to Kelly. (Her address is on the form, but there’s no need to return the form this year unless you have an update in your contact information)


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    Membership renewals are due on November 1. Renewals received after November 30 will require reapplying for membership.

    New member applications received after September 1 will count towards the next fiscal year.

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